As a product designer at SeatGeek, I designed and shipped features shaping the experience of ticket sellers. My first accomplishment at the company was the introduction of a flexible email template system used to generate the smart priced and regular listing confirmation emails seen by millions of fan sellers.
Team: Patrick Delaney, Katya Hott, Serge Derby, April Loeb
Duration: Nov-Dec 2023
Role: Product Design, Email Design
Tools: Figma
Why did emails need a redesign?
For one, the existing listing confirmation email template had poor visual hierarchy and needed updating to match the company's current brand design.
More importantly, however, the emails needed to now account for two important features being introduced within the product's ticket selling flow: bulk listing and smart pricing. Bulk listing allows season ticket holders to save time by listing their tickets to multiple games at once. Smart pricing helps users automatically set and adjust their ticket prices using SeatGeek's proprietary AI-assisted pricing tool.