Peep the LA skyline! (Though I call NorCal home)

I'm a visual artist and product designer fascinated by environmental systems and digital media. In my art practice, I craft time-based installations that explore the longevity of various cycles and processes. As a designer, I quickly adapt to existing design systems and evolve them to their next level. 
Currently, I'm a senior at Columbia University studying Visual Arts and driving the creation of the school's first ever design degree. I'm also a part-time product designer at Meadow and the Head of Design at Dorm Room Fund. Previously, I have worked on the Live team at Reddit and on digital media design at GBH and the Columbia Daily Spectator
Outside of school and work, I tend to my 2 planted freshwater aquariums, which harbor discus cichlids, clown loaches, female bettas, glass catfish, and African dwarf frogs, among other critters.