As a product design snootern on the Live Team, I designed and shipped features for Reddit Chat across 2 sprint cycles. I collaborated with product managers, engineers, and designers to ideate new live and core chat experiences across mobile and desktop.
Robinson Scott (Staff Product Designer), Donny Guy (Design Director), Inga Hampton (Product Designer)
Duration: 3 months (June to August 2022)
Role: Product Design
Tools: Figma
I helped design 6 different features to improve Reddit Live Chat as well as the core Chat product. While the work I completed is currently under NDA, majority of these features are slated to be developed and shipped within the next few sprint cycles, and these updates will be accordingly reflected here. 
Product Thinking 
As a design intern at Reddit, I had numerous opportunities to hone my product thinking skills. Here are some of the most valuable lessons I picked up:
Meeting vs. Exceeding the Spec
It's important to design according to the requirements that PMs set, but great product designers also push for more ambitious or creative solutions to show what’s possible for a feature. Providing PMs with multiple designs that can meet and exceed the spec is invaluable to product teams.
"Yes And"
The ability to build on top of other people's ideas and not just defend your own as a designer is essential to collaboration. Design teams work most productively together when they can recognize the value in each other's ideas, even if they still require further adjustment.
Cross-functional Collaboration
It's essential to know engineering limitations as a designer, and the best way to ensure your designs will be implementable is to communicate early on with engineering partners. Ensuring engineering is involved early on within the product cycle prevents wasted design efforts and can help inform smarter creative decision-making.
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