Made in America 2.0, 2019. Image courtesy: Jason Koerner
Made in America 2.0 is a reproduction of my previous sculpture Made in America for the YoungArts Fall Alumni Exhibition "Within Interdependence" in Miami, Florida.

Made in America, 2018.

My passion for environmental protection and aquariums led me to experiment with artificial materials to create untraditional and alarming aquascapes. In contrasting incongruous materials like plants and PVC, I aim to remind audiences that as American companies continue drilling for oil in ecologically fragile areas, we must stay aware of their environmental impact and not be misled by claims of eco-friendliness. No matter how “green” the air plants appear to be, the harmful truth about corporations’ business practices lies beneath the surface in a messy, unfinished tangle of pipes.
Alcohol marker & ink pen on marker paper, PVC pipe, air plants, sand, betta fish, assorted tropical fish, aquarium filter & heater, glass lily pipes, glass cubic aquariums, black display stand. 2018 (original)/2019 (reproduction). 70" x 14" x 14".