Homestay Revisited is an installation created in my home at the beginning of the pandemic that pays homage to French ecosystem artist Pierre Huyghe and his pink-legged dog, Human. By incorporating animals and objects from my childhood (bedsheets, saltwater coral skeletons, crickets, Chinese radio etc.) with those from my present (freshwater fish, live plants, my Pomeranian, classical 104.9 FM, etc.), this kinetic installation reflects my identity as a sculptor, an aquarium hobbyist, a nature lover, a person of mixed racial background, and ultimately an artist obsessed with natural and artificial systems. Special thanks to my parents and Professor Jon Kessler; this work was a labor of love.
Assorted freshwater guppies, live crickets, live Pomeranian dog, Java fern plants, white sheets, aquariums, mounted gelatin silver print, repurposed/painted wooden furniture, LED lights, Ohko stone, moon sand, terra-cotta pots, dried coral skeletons, clay, aquarium filter & heater, flex tubing, glass jar, flashlight, aluminum foil, laptop speaker. 2020. 15’ x 12’ x 10’.