"Urban Overgrowth & Decay" shows the result of letting urban progression race unchecked. PVC pipes are randomly and messily coming out of the aquarium and interacting with unknown space beyond it. The piece aims to examine how urban progression in this scenario has not only caused an overcrowded but also more importantly socially stratified city. Most of the fish and frogs swim near the bottom of the tank, representing how urban planning can cause gentrification and the socio-economic degradation of long-established city groups. Meanwhile, the air plants suck up most of the light at the top of the tank, a reference to a select class of privileged citizens reaping huge benefits at a small cost. As the fish and frogs move along this literal lower level of society while the air plants thrive at top, a sort of stagnation occurs. Fish rarely explore the middle of the tank due to how overcrowded it is and would prefer to hide in the bushy Java ferns, indicating how urban overgrowth has stopped productivity and started urban decay.
Aquatic sand, PVC pipe, PVC pipe fittings, assorted aquatic fish (guppies, tetras, Cory catfish) + African dwarf frogs, air plants, Java fern, aquarium filter & heater, 20 gallon glass cubic aquarium, LED light, black display stand. 2019.